Best man speeches, eulogies and sample speeches for every occasion

Example Speeches

Like a good story, every one of our example speeches has a clear beginning, middle and end. We advocate you use this principal when writing your speeches from scratch or adapting one of our example speeches. By doing this you will lay the foundations for a successful speech that fulfills all of your aspirations.

The start of each of our example speeches is designed to grab the attention of the audience, and engage their interest for the rest of the speech. The middle of our speeches expresses the message we want to deliver. The goal is to make a series of points, recount a number of anecdotes etc in a natural fashion. For most speeches 4-6 salient points should be your target. The end of the speech should summarize what you had to say while at the same time leaving your audience with a single compelling message or stirring toast.

We recommend your final speech should comprise your favorite elements of our example speeches while adding a personal touch by including your favorite anecdotes.