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Our sample eulogies will give you comfort at a difficult time. Our heartfelt eulogies are professionally written to help you convey your thoughts and your emotions.

Our sample eulogies make no assumptions about your background or situation. They have been designed to be easily adapted to suit your needs.

Sample eulogies – some simple advice

Of all the public speeches you may be asked to give, a eulogy is one of the most difficult. Our sample eulogies are aimed at helping you overcome a difficult situation, so that you can deliver a fitting, memorable epitaph to a lost colleague, friend or loved one. Your role is to look back on a life lived with pride, with love, with joy.

When writing a eulogy, you should be aware of the specific role you are playing. Answering a few simple questions should ensure this:

  • Are you speaking on your own behalf (e.g. as a colleague) or on behalf of other(s) (e.g. the family)?
  • Are you the sole eulogist or are there others?
  • Are you being asked to speak from a personal viewpoint (e.g. recalling your own memories of the deceased) or being asked to share common memories or emotions (e.g. on behalf of a club or a firm)?
  • Do the next of kin have a specific theme or personal characteristic that they would like you to visit?
  • Is there a specific sentiment (e.g. sorrow, joy, fond remembrance etc) that the next of kin would like to convey?

By answering these questions, you should have a ‘big picture’ overview of the eulogy you need to write. This will give you a small but effective start in writing your eulogy.

Now let us help you to the next level. Our sample eulogies will help you write and deliver a eulogy that will be warmly received and fondly remembered.

Our sample eulogies feature:

  • EIGHT complete sample eulogies:
    • Eulogy for a brother
    • Eulogy for a child
    • Eulogy for a loved one
    • Eulogy for a mother
    • Eulogy for a colleague
    • Eulogy for a father
    • Eulogy for a friend
    • Eulogy for a husband
    • Eulogy for a wife
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