Best man speeches, eulogies and sample speeches for every occasion

Great Sample Speeches

Best Man Speeches

Our sample best man speeches have everything you need to deliver a great best man speech with ease.


Our sample eulogies will give you comfort at a difficult time. Our heartfelt eulogies are professionally written to help you convey your thoughts and your emotions.

Persuasive Speeches

Each of our sample persuasive speeches makes a compelling argument in favor or against a given topic

Father of the Bride Speeches

Our Father of the Bride speeches are perfect inspiration for your upcoming wedding speech.

Popular Speeches

Retirement Speeches

Our sample retirement speeches are a wonderful way to ensure a momentous occasion is perfectly celebrated and a retiring colleague is suitably honored.

Retiree Speeches

Our sample retiree speeches will help you express your gratitude, your memories and your farewells with sincerity, humor and fondness.

School Speeches

Our sample school speeches are well-written, compelling, and terrific examples of school speeches suitable for a student to adapt for a classroom situation or for a teacher to use as a teaching aid.

Birthday Speeches

Our sample birthday speeches can be used in any circumstance from a small family gathering to a large group including sports, clubs, work and other celebrations.

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Wedding Anniversary Speeches

Our sample wedding anniversary speeches are perfect for a small intimate family event or a bigger gathering.

Prize Giving Speeches

We have sample prize giving speeches for both an award presenter and award recipient.

Bride Speeches

Our sample bride speeches feature great content, witty remarks, important expressions of gratitude and heart-warming toasts. Move your audience with a kind, generous, amusing and touching speech.

Groom Speeches

Our sample groom speeches are perfect for the groom who does not want to be outshone by the best man.

Mother of the Bride Speeches

Our sample mother of the bride speeches are perfect expressions of love, hope and well wishes.

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